2 Excel Jerry Byrd guitars for sale

over 1 year ago
Erv Niehaus
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Steel Guitar Forum
Litchfield, MN, USA

I have two Excel Jerry Byrd model guitars for sale.
One is an S-8 single neck and like new and the other is a D-8 model that is new. I bought the later from Scotty when he was still in business and never played it.
They are both the 22" scale model.
That is the scale that Jerry Byrd preferred.
I am asking $1,150 for the single neck and $1,750 for the new double neck, including shipping in the lower 48.
These prices are about $600 less that what Mitsuo is asking according to the prices shown on the Fuzzy Guitar web site and I have no idea what the freight would be from Japan.
Below are some pictures: