Carter Starter For Sale

over 1 year ago
Carlos Polidura
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Steel Guitar Forum
Puerto Rico, USA

Selling my Carter Starter.
This guitar was not in the best of shape when I got it over a year ago.
Guitar was disassembled, cleaned and lubricated. Laminate was removed and original plywood neck was replaced by a solid piece of wood called in "Majo" in spanish. Very similar to maple.
Aluminum angles were used for decoration. Contact paper was removed from pedal bar. Pedal bar was lacquered and decorated with aluminum angles as well.
Entire wood parts were lacquered .
There is a small mark behind the bridge fingers where the wood cracked " hardly noticeable" during assembled but that was corrected although it was never retouched with paint.
When guitar was assembled and stringed I notice a much better and cleaner sound reproduced.
I really love the sound of this little Carter Starter.
Asking $1,100.00 which includes shipping and insurance fees. Shipping only to the 48 continental U.S.