Regal Lap Steel MOTS 6-string

about 1 year ago
Bill Sinclair
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Steel Guitar Forum
Hagerstown, Maryland, USA

I'm guessing this vintage lap steel is late 40's, early 50's. Had to replace the volume and tone pots and output jack but couldn't find a date code on the pots. Setscrew was stripped on the tone knob so I replaced it with another bakelite knob.
I also added a nut extender to the original inexplicably low nut. Good sounding single coil. Pretty (rosewood?) neck and MOTS covering except where it is bubbled at the bottom end. I had intended to try injecting some Acetone behind the bubbles and try flattening them with a bondo spreader but didn't get around to it and now it's too cold to do anything out in my garage!
Very nice little lap steel, 23" scale. Case is in poor condition. $170.00 + shipping.