2012 GTI Black 6 Speed 23 K miles Golf R clone South Florida

almost 4 years ago
FS: 2012 GTI Black 6 Speed 23 K miles Golf R clone South Florida
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Have a 2012 GTI 2 door black with leather seats and sun roof for $14.800. I converted over to Golf R parts. All parts are VW OEM bumpers and Golf R accessory also has Golf R leather seats and leather console.
There is no major upgrades to the engine or suspension it is all stock. I bought this car in 2013 and only had 7600 miles when I bought it. Here is the upgrades that on it.
1- 3 inch 42 Draft Design exhaust from turbo back with Golf R twin black tip conversion. Has a great sound not real loud or drone
2- Intake is KN
3- Wheels are VMR V709 19X8.5 power coated Solar Rain with Hankook Ventus V12 235/35ZR19 tires with 7/32 inch tread 10/32 was new.
4- Golf R intercooler ( little bigger then stock)
5- 42 draft Design
Solid shifter bushings
6- Neuspeed short shifter Kit
7- Side mirrors ECS Turning blind spot mirrors
8- ECS bangles grill
9- ECS jack pads
10- ECS smoked side markers
11- New South Vent Pod and boost gage
12- Hood that has had the badge filled
13- Tinted window
14- OEM Cherry Red LED tail lights ( no fogs)
When I bought the car in Jan. 2013 and it had been wrecked in the passenger front and pushed the radiator and condenser into the engine breaking the main engine mount and pushing the engine into the firewall. The firewall heat material got little damage. The car front rails did not get damage at all or front bumper support so there has been no pulling are body putty on this car just part replacement. The front bumper cover, headlights, hood, radiator support, condenser right fender and driver air bag had to be replaced. I bought another black 2012 GTI that was hit in the door for parts. I have pictures of the car when it was wrecked at the auction house so you can see damage to the car.
This car does have a REBUILT TITLE but that the reason for the cheaper price with all the upgrades. The only thing that I have changed on the car for mechanical problem is the High Pressure fuel pump that always goes out on these engine. It was replaced with the newest version about 6K ago. The car is in great condition only has a few nicks from rocks.
I really enjoy driving the GTI one most fun car I have owned the reason selling I moved to FL recently and my wife wanted a convertible. I bought a SS Camaro about 6 months ago and I do not drive either car that much so just looking to get rid of the VW instead letting it sit
I live in Melbourne FL 32940 If you want more pictures of the car or pictures when it was wrecked email me at davgoat@gmail.com Also the pictures of the car the rear seat is removed but I do have the leather rear seat and rear shelf cover.