AE101 Silver Top ITBs w/ 1.6L Techno Toy Tuning Adaptor + Extras

almost 2 years ago
AE101 Silver Top ITBs w/ 1.6L Techno Toy Tuning Adaptor + Extras
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Northern Virginia

AE101 Silver Top individual throttle bodies (ITBs) off of a JDM Corolla Levin, which can be bolted to a 1.6L B6 engine using the Techno Toy Tuning billet CNCd adaptor. The throttle bodies are painted in wrinkle black and the T3 adaptor was powdercoated matte black, which ended up closer to a satin black. These are ready to bolt on to a 1.6L head and the throttle linkage is modified to work with an NA6 (1990-1993) throttle cable. The 4-wire Toyota TPS with associated pigtail is ready to be wired into the Miata harness.
The throttle bodies are bolted to the adaptor using stainless steel allen bolts with stainless lock washers. The ITBs come with 100mm raw aluminum Techno Toy Tuning velocity stacks along with 70mm no-name gloss black stacks. Also included is a BattleGarage-RS ITG filter backing plate (filter not included), Jaz vented two-port catch can (brand new), high quality braided vacuum lines, syncrometer, and a vacuum distribution block mounted to a custom stainless steel bracket that also houses a GM intake air temperature sensor (included) and a vacuum gauge. This bracket bolts to the fuse box bracket in lieu of the windshield washer bottle.
All that you would need to be up and running is a dual feed fuel rail (or I can include a modified stock one) and aftermarket engine management, like MegaSquirt. I do have the fuel rail bracket to bolt the OEM fuel rail to the 1.6L head, but it was modified to work with an OBX dual feed fuel rail. This will still work with the OEM rail, but is pretty unsightly.
Im happy to answer questions about the exact set-up I have for sale, but please do your basic ITB research before asking easily-googled answers or questions regarding ITB tuning-algorithms, etc. Here is a detailed thread on nearly everything you need to know about the AE101 set-up on Miatas:
Im am asking $1150 shipped and insured to the lower 48 states, which I believe is a great deal with everything that is included.
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