Fab9 Tuning ND MX-5 Calibration - Pick up a quick 19whp!

19 days ago
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As many of you know, we've had huge success calibrating the Edlebrock Supercharged and turbocharged ND's. With surprisingly limited accessibility to a naturally aspirated ND we've relied on remote custom calibrations.
This weekend a customer running our standard $199 "Naturally Aspirated Calibration Package" Found HERE, decided to drive up through the southern Ohio storm for a bit more work and some dyno time.
We loaded the factory calibration back onto the car for a baseline result and began making adjustments. This car specifically, is nearly stock with only an inexpensive 4-1 header. I half suspect we'd see better numbers with a factory header and certainly more with a quality 4-2-1 setup.
At peak, we saw a 19whp gain! This car is an automatic which gave us some trouble on the dyno (odd torque curve, strange dyno run times) but the gains were across the board and certainly noticeable from the drivers seat!