OEM Nardi Evolution SE / M Edition Knob

about 2 years ago
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Charlotte, North Carolina

Found a particularly minty Evo shift knob while on my usual Teardrop hunt, offered up here just in time for a holiday present or your winter restoration project!
As youll see in the pictures, this one is in far better condition than most 20-25 year-old Nardis. The finish is still glossy, hasnt chipped or peeled around the logo like they often do, and the woodgrain is still dark and rich. As always happens, the rubber ring around the crown melted and deformed, so its been replaced with fresh O-rings, a time-tested miata.net solution.
If youre not familiar, this particular Nardi was used only on the NA special editions - the 1991 British Racing Green SE, the 1992 Black & Tan SE, and the 1994, '96, and '97 M Editions, along with overseas limited editions such as the V Special.
While similar in appearance to the modern Nardi Evolution, the aftermarket version uses set screws rather than threads, meaning it doesn't hold nearly as tightly as the OEM knob. No set screw here - thread pitch is 10x1.25, so it fits any generation Miata.
Ill price this one at $89 and will throw in free shipping for anyone paying by PayPals friends & family option. If originality or fit matter to you, there's no comparison between this and the cheaply made modern Evolution - this is the Nardi you want!