New Track Focused Products Coming Soon (Affordable, Custom, and Hardcore).

almost 2 years ago
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MeisterR have a few new product for track enthusiast coming soon.
Namely the ClubRace Coilovers for the NA, NB, and ND.
The NC ZetaCRD+ are VERY WELL sorted and will be renamed to the ClubRace in the near future, but there are no spec change planned.
Here is a quick overview and pictures of what to expect.
ClubRace : Affordable Track Focused Suspension (Pic: NA / NB ClubRace)
GT1-CR :
ClubRace Based Custom Build Track Suspension (Pic: ND GT1-CR)
GT3 : 3-Way Adjustable Custom Build Hardcore Race Suspension (Pic:
Evo9 Race Car)
So quite a few exciting lineup coming soon.
The GT1 and GT3 are custom build tailored to suit each order, so drop us a PM if you are interested in a bespoke setup and we will advice according to your need.